Saturday, September 5, 2015

A fun day at Cooz Canyon

Mini Water Fall
What a great day to go to Cooz Canyon. Cooz Canyon is located in Byron Maine and is a campground. This campground as you can see has a lovely river with beautiful eroded riverbed rocks. The water level is low believe it or not. Usually this is a raging river with white water rapids. Since the rocks are so soft you can actually go down this river just with your body. I am not sure what they charge to camp there but, you can find out by visiting their site Cooz Canyon. You can see in the background of this picture there is a little waterfall. Normally that would just be another rapid.
Here is another picture of Cooz. This picture is taken looking downstream. You can really see how clean and clear the water is. Yes it is spring water feed from the mountains and from underground springs. Further down stream there is a big drop that is so deep that it is hard to measure. That would be where one of the underground springs come up. This water is very cold. Where the underground spring resides there is a cliff that people jump off that is about a 25 foot drop. I jumped off it years ago and when you hit the water the cold takes your breath away. A little scary at first thinking your too cold to move.
I could not resist taking this picture. Someone took the time to stack some rocks on a huge stone and it looked cool I thought. You can still see the mini waterfall in the background. I love when people have fun and are creative. Some may just see a pile of stones while I see artwork. If you are the one who stacked these stones I thank you. The water is so clean you can drink it right out of the stream. I filled my water bottle personally. When a lot of people are swimming in it I would make sure to get water from upstream. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Feel free to comment and leave a link to your blog.

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